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为满足中国区CDISC业务迅猛发展的需求和更好的促进CDISC中国协调委员会在中国区的未来长远发展,现面向业界招募3名正式会员,具体要求详见下描述,请有意向者在2016815日前将提名发送给Victor ( ,谢谢!

As an  interested party of CDISC, you have the opportunity to participate in the  process of nominating candidates for the CDISC China Coordinating Committee  (C3C). There are 3 C3C member positions available  These members must be  from a CDISC member organization. Each will serve a three-year term from  September 2016-2019.
Please  do take some time to think about those individuals that you believe would  serve the C3C well. Self-Nomination is also acceptable. We would need two  brief documents for each nominee:
好好想想你认识的人中,谁会为C3C做出贡献呢?毛遂自荐也是可以的哟 。需要提供候选人的二个文件:
  • Nominee’s brief CV 被提名者的简历
  • Brief letter expressing their involvement/experience       with CDISC and their interest in the above position
  2. 一封短信,介绍下他们的CDISC经验/经历及对上述职位的兴趣
This  is a great opportunity to ensure the quality of candidates who will help  shape the future of the C3C.
Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the C3C Chair and  Vice Chair/s before being posted for election. Nominated 3C members will be  elected by a simple majority of a quorum (two-thirds of the 3C voting  members) of the 3C members.
The success of the C3C depends upon the active participation of  our C3C members and the CDISC community. Please nominate those persons whom  you believe will serve the organization well. Thank you for your nominations.
C3C的成功,离不开我们C3C成员与CDISC用户的积极参与, 请提名那些你认为会对C3C贡献多多的人。非常感谢你的提名!
Please send Nominations via  email to Victor Wu  ( by 15 August 2016
请在2016815日前将提名发送给Victor (

CDISC中国协调委员会 (C3C)

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